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    Background of the Company    

    The year 1994 saw a major economic boom in the Philippines. Every aspect of the industry is working diligently to meet the goal of President Fidel Ramos in “Philippines 2000.” To heed the call for development, An Yiac Hardware was established to play a part in nation building.

    An Yiac Hardware caters to the need of different industries from fittings to flanges to valves to thermometers and pressure gauges. In the past years, we have been working towards the deliverance of good quality industrial materials to every manufacturing firms, construction sites, and different establishments. We take pride in marketing international products, which we assure of excellent quality. Names like Watts, Weiss, Conbraco, Everlasting, and INSA Italy among others speak for themselves. In addition, not only are many of the international manufacturing firms we work with conform to ISO standard, the workmanship is also internationally acclaimed.

    We believe that the industry builds a country. That is why, we want only the best and economically productive products comprising the building blocks of our nation. Our diversified products are aimed at helping every industry find the most suitable and cost effective product to suit each unique requirement. In addition, our sales team is equipped with technological and industrial knowledge to provide the best service.

    The advancement of technology has brought our world smaller and closer. We cannot deny that each individual is interwoven with each other in many ways. That is why, we make our commitment not only to our country, but also to our environment. We are aware that our planet has limited resources for the need of mankind. In order for us to have a healthy planet, we have to conserve and protect our natural resources. Therefore, we commit to products that maximize our resources without compromising the wellbeing of our mother nature. As solution provider for various important projects, we want to create a proper environment for the development and prosperity of mankind.

    Cerficate of Distributor

    About Anyiac
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    Phone: (+632) 8733-5775 / (+632) 8733-5776
    Days: Monday to Saturday
    Hours: 9am to 5pm
    Email: cs@anyiac.com
    527 T. Alonzo Street
    Sta. Cruz, Manila